FGM – A long walk to freedom

Its been an amazing five years at Griot Ltd

We currently have over 1000 water #boreholes under management in #Kenya, providing water to nearly half a million people living in rural poverty.

We are managing a #mangrove eco system, which not only provides coastal protection, great #carbonsequestration and home to an enormous #biodiversity. It also create sustainable livelihoods for the community that lives there.

We are generating new programming around soil carbon, Biochar, terrestrial forestry, blue economy (seaweed) and waste management.

We have developed partnerships in six countries from our base in Kenya and are continuing to expand our horizons in search of a cleaner, greener, more #sustainable world – all funded through new economic models.

But while this heady growth continues it is good to remember where we came from.

Five years ago, we set out to explore what it was like growing up in #Maasailand.

The participatory film that was created by a group of young girls has brought about a facility where those seeking an alternate future to Female Genital Mutilation (#FGM) and child marriage have a chance to thrive.

This project is still at the heart of all we do in East Africa and led to the creation of all the other programming.

So in the spirit of looking forwards to a brighter future, we thought we would take a quick look back to the first project.

Welcome to: #FGM – the long road to change


@Daf St Clair Eric Kimori #griotconsulting Simon Watson

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